Medicare Supplements Insurance Plans

A Medicare Supplement insurance policy form Omaha Insurance Company can help you attain a secure feeling.

With a Medicare Supplement insurance policy, you:

  • Keep your doctors and health care providers
  • See specialists without referrals
  • Receive benefits with no waiting periods
  • Enjoy guaranteed coverage for life
  • Don’t pay a policy fee with our plan
  • A discount for eligible spouse or household resident
  • Financial value and security

You’re covered immediately. There is no waiting period for preexisting condition and benefits will be paid from the time your policy is in force.

Your policy cannot be canceled. It will be renewed as long as the premiums are paid on time and the information is correct on your application.

Your Medicare supplement insurance benefits will increase automatically as Medicare deductibles and coinsurance increase.

Benefits are paid to you, your hospital, or your doctor.

So give us a call and let Action Insurance Agency help you with obtaining a Medicare Supplement plan that best suits your needs.

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